The better way to maintain their records

A secure digital platform to access, store, and track health and wellness, Kids Health Record is the personalized healthcare resource for your child.

Take Control

Be empowered by technology and data to take control of your child’s health and wellness. Eliminate the possibility of lost or incomplete records by collecting, tracking and sharing the information as you see fit.

24/7 Access

Connecting with your child’s healthcare providers gives you direct access to their most up-to-date medical record. It syncs the data to give you a complete picture of their health and wellness, and provides access to their record 24/7.

Personalized Healthcare

Be reminded of health and wellness milestones, and view completely personalized reports and results each time information is added to the account. Our platform creates actionable insights that are relevant to your child.

Consolidated Information

Your child’s health and wellness information travels between many different groups of people - teachers, camp leaders, healthcare providers. Build their circle of care and accurately provide important information to them all at once.


Health History
  • Comprehensive Health Profile
  • Digital Immunization Record
  • Document management
Wellness Trending and Milestones
  • Lab result monitoring
  • Vital tracking
  • Customized Growth Charts
Personalized Care *
  • Automated wellness reminders
  • Alerts whenever a health concern arises
  • Responsive goals and guidelines

* Features Coming Soon




  • It’s your data; we can’t even see it
  • Twice as encrypted as online banking
  • All your data is stored domestically on ultra-secure servers that protect and back up your data


  • Read the fine print… they mine your data and sell it to third-party companies
  • Short cuts are taken on protecting your information to save costs
  • Data could be stored anywhere, even directly on your phone which can be lost or stolen

Sure, you could get an app or another free service to manage their records, but do you really want to put your child’s health information at risk?

We're experts in medical record storage and know all the ins and outs of privacy and security. We believe in staying hands off your data, which means our service has a small monthly fee. Learn more about pricing